The research interests of each direction are as follows:

  • Data Engineering

    Data mining, XML database management system, Massive data-processing, Web data processing and management, context-aware data management, personalized information services, semi-structured documents and information extraction, component repository for e-business, e-government.

  • Knowledge Engineering

    Knowledge Processing in Network Computing. Including: Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services, text and social network mining, XML based information processing.

  • Design Automation of Computer and VLSI Circuit

    System specification and high-level system synthesis. Design automation of physical layout. Post-layout verification and parasitic parameter extraction. Software systems for computer-aided design of VLSI circuits.

  • Visualization Technology and Computer Graphics

    Medical image visualizationúČterrain data visualization, image-based modeling and rendering, image-based lighting and inverse rendering, wavelets and their applications in signal processing, computer graphics and image processing, computational geometry.

  • Software Engineering and System Engineering

    Methodology, techniques and tools of software engineering and systems software, including test automation, model-driven architecture, model-based testing, service-oriented computing, embedded system, cross-complier and optimization technology.

Main research achievements include:

  • Web data engine SESQ
  • The digital library of Chinese ancient architectures
  • The system synthesis software of VLSI circuits
  • The software system for VLSI physical design automation
  • The R/C/L extraction software for VLSI interconnects
  • A platform for testing management
  • SyncTest: A tool to synchronize code, model and test
  • Collaborative Verification and Validation of Service-Based Software
  • The embedded system software and development environment
  • Computer assisted stereotactic neurosurgery system
  • Augmented reality system for endoscopic surgery simulation and operation
  • XML based information processing engine
  • Ontology Based Semantic Content Management System